Online Sales Funnel For Marketing

A sales funnel is designed to filter your prospects and qualify them and eventually the serious buyers will purchase your product or service willingly. Sales Funnel can be used in the brick and mortar offline world and the internet online world. A good sales funnel with a good structures sales pitch can give you tremendous results. Closing becomes the easiest part of the sale.

As you get prospects you put them through the top of the funnel and start applying the process. cost The principles of the sales process remains the same. However, the sales process differs slightly depending on weather you are selling offline or online. It also differs depending on the products and services you are offering.

As you are applying the sales process step by step, at the end of each step you always check and qualify your prospects. Here you give your prospect an opportunity to quit or you may want to disqualify them. This is also called trial closes. Again, depending on what products you are marketing and if you are selling offline or online, trial closes will differ slightly.

If the prospect does not quit and you do not disqualify the prospect, you apply the next sales step and again at the end of this process you apply a trial close.

You continue to apply the your steps and continue only if the prospect qualifies until the last sales process, which is CLOSING.

If you have followed the structure correctly and funneled your prospect properly, the natural result should be a SALE.

Please note the offline funnel is subjective and requires you to judge and then qualify or disqualify the prospect. What is important is to do the numbers.

On the other hand the online funnel is more scientific and objective. If you have designed a good funnel, the prospect will qualify or disqualify him self or her self. All you have to do is bring traffic to your web site and let the sales funnel do the SALE.

The CORE of the funneling technique is to remove the Hard Sale and give the prospect the ownership to make a decision.

With the online automated Sales Funnel it holds this even stronger. The client automatically gets information through the automated system. He or she is so captivated by the system that at the end of it he or she is almost requesting you to allow them to be a customer. There is minimal personal intervention.

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